Engineering Services
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Development process

In all our projects, we use Systems Engineering practices, to make sure the end product meets your needs and requirements. Next Level Electronics uses Model Based Engineering where possible to shorten design time and optimize performance. Our engineers are experienced not only in design processes, but especially in testing & integration and even homologation.

Way of Working

In most projects, we run through the following phases together. Here's what you can expect of us:

Sales phase:
always involves our technical specialists: not just sweet talks!

Project team: created during internal kick-off
    - Project manager: planning/cost responsible, external escalation
    - Electrical engineer: e.g. hardware, control, embedded
    - Software engineer: embedded, data interfaces, UI
    - Mechanical engineer: mechanics, packaging, cooling
    - Optional: system architect (larger projects)

External kick-off: with you, our PM and (part of) our technical team
    - Goal: introduction, planning, way-of-collaboration, interfaces

Regular meetings: with you, our PM and technical team lead
    - Status update (requirements, design, testing, …)
    - Technical interfaces
    - Planning
    - Risk management
    - Contract management

Project completion: 
    - Hand-over of system, documentation and transferable IP
    - Client training in system usage
    - Project evaluation

Our Expertise

Power Electronics
Embedded Software
Control Algorithms
Mechanical design
Systems Engineering
Thermal Optimisation
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power electronics development?
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