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Power efficiency at cruise
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Our super efficient motor inverter

Conventional inverters approach waveforms by rapidly switching between ‘all or nothing’ voltage levels. Since the inductance of in-wheel motors with air cores, like the Marand, is very low, a high switching frequency is required to reduce waveform distortion. These high switching frequencies introduce extra losses in the inverters. In solar cars, this problem is conventionally solved by adding heavy external inductors as filters. However, these inductors also introduce extra losses (core and copper), weight and costs.
The LocoMoco solves this by using the best in class MOSFETs. They have very low switching losses and therefore are able to operate at higher switching frequencies while still keeping the losses low. As a result, additional filter inductors are not required between the LocoMoco and a Marand air core motor.

165 volt version

This is our standard edition.

Designed to automotive standards
Fully integrated cruise control
Marand compatible drop-in replacement
Excellent EMC performance
Dust and water proof
No external coils required

450 volt SiCFET version

This is our super efficient SiCFET based motor inverter for use in new energy vehicles.

The new PMSM motor inverter uses state of the art Silicon Carbide technology. With this technology the inverter achieves an unprecedented efficiency and power density.  Because of this unprecedented efficiency: the motor inverter delivers up to 24kW of continuous output power while still being air-cooled by natural convection.

The inverter uses the same FPGA based controller as our LocoMoco 165V. This FPGA based controller enables accurate, reliable, fast and safe control of the motor. This makes the inverter perfect for use with in-wheel motors for electric vehicles.
The control algorithm can be adapted to make this inverter compatible with a wide variety of motors. The inverter comes in the same package as the LocoMoco 165V.

Designed to automotive standards
Fully integrated cruise control
Excellent EMC performance
Dust and water proof

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